Goods: Forward. Sales: Upward. That's how our customers like it.

From the smallest screws to World Cup surfboards to giant escalators - we transport everything, as long as it is legal. We are also keenly aware of the particularities of the products, especially the wishes of our customers. We always enjoy taking on particularly 'insurmountable' challenges. Put us to the test.

Successful product

Our most successful product by far are our very relaxed customers...

Those who know a little bit about freight forwarding and logistics know how detailed, enervating and challenging it has become to find the fastest, most reliable and best route from A to B. We are happy to take all of those burdens off of the shoulders of our customers because we have been active in the market for years already, are all too aware of the individual difficulties and can work confidently, quickly and reliably to transport your goods. So that you do not have to keep your foot on the pedal the whole time but rather can focus on what is really important: your business.



Need it yesterday? Why not?! Sometimes things just have to move very, very quickly....

Sometimes all plans are thrown out the window because getting it there in a hurry is simply better or even absolutely necessary in the meantime.
Even in these cases the customer does not have to be very concerned because it occurs more often than one would think. At least for us, because customers turn to us when they have a serious challenge in terms of time. And we take care of it for them. Calmly, reliably and punctually. No matter how 'crazy' the deadline is.

Why not try out our popular '24/24' package, for instance? We offer a 24-hour pick-up service and guarantee that no more than 24 hours will pass from the time the order is received until the goods are safely unloaded at the destination, e.g. in remote areas of France. You can go ahead and ask the competition if they would do the same.



The chemistry is right. With us and with our customers from the chemical industry. Chemicals are a tricky issue...

We fulfil all of the legal, professional and dangerous goods-specific requirements in order to comprehensively and reliably overcome all transport challenges for our customers. Starting with the intensively trained warehousers to highly qualified specialist dispatchers. We generally don't leave anything to chance so we also have precisely these qualifications regularly certified by the technical inspection association TÜV Nord. If you are interested then we will be glad to provide you with a comprehensive list of our services for chemicals in a personal discussion.


Wine, champagne & beverages (EMCS)

'There is never a bad time for good wine.' - (author unknown) Naturally our customers have a slightly different view...

hey not only expect their beverage delivery to arrive on time, but also that they are well preserved. For in addition to beer, juice and all types of spirits we also particularly enjoy transporting fine wine such as French wine and champagne. And that is when it truly comes down to the right finesse.

One could say that a true expertise for France has grown from this thrilling passion. Personal contacts with the winemakers on location are a true competitive advantage in this area. We particularly treasure small, undiscovered wine-growing estates. So if you need an insider tip...

Between the wine cellar and the wine connoisseur there are still a few administrative obstacles through which we reliably and routinely navigate our customers. One of these is Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS), the EU-wide electronic system for tracking excise goods travelling under duty suspension. We take care of all of the formalities so that the import and export can be carried out smoothly.

Would you like to learn more about our balanced wine and beverage logistics? Then please contact us at any time.



Our customers like it cool. Their products too. We generally keep a cool head ...

when it comes to transporting products in controlled cold chains, even when the summer heat rises above 35° C or the ice-cold winter is threatening to freeze everything.

We offer refrigerated as well as heated transport options that fulfil all of the requirements for foodstuffs and additives, chocolate, dry fruit and similar goods or even for very special products produced by winemakers.

This also applies for the transport of pharmaceutical products or chemicals that must not be exposed to any large temperature fluctuations.


Trade fairs

So that your trade fair does not become a nightmare. 'Knives, forks, scissors, fire...' begins the old nursery rhyme about dangerous things...

Trade fairs are just as dangerous of a challenge. True masters of modern logistics are required in order in order to truly convey to customers the sense that all of their concerns will be handled. We have been familiar with how to master trade fairs for decades.

The preparations start long before the trade fair itself: Booths are booked, marketing materials are produced, products are selected for presentation, the human resources planning is carried out – and last but not least the trade fair booth that is to form the framework of your trade fair presence is designed and built.

We tackle all trade fair challenges from A to Z so that you can concentrate on what is important: presenting yourself to your customers in a confident and relaxed way.


Construction sites

Construction sites are like orchestras: If one of the players is not there at the right time then the whole performance crumbles...

Tight schedules, milestones, acceptance deadlines and inspections: Every construction project has a set window of time for the widest variety of tasks. If an important component that can guarantee further progress is missing then it is not only the smaller subsequent steps that will be delayed but in the worst case even the set completion date. That costs money and damages the company image.

Siegmann works to ensure that things move ahead on your construction site. We deliver escalators or other components of your construction project for the widest variety of products in Europe at just the right time so that your construction sequence and progress always remains guaranteed.


Waste can be quite a project when it comes to the disposal of dangerous goods. Dangerous goods require special disposal. ...

Recyclable goods also require special disposal. Even the transport can be a challenge because it can only be carried out in special vehicles designed specifically for waste that require regulatory approval.

Siegmann has been working together with the right partners for many years in order to offer a first-class solution for this. Various subcontractors who possess all of the necessary permits and documents for compliance with the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) work together with us under contract.

Our specialities range from ADR equipment to the provision of legally prescribed Dangerous Goods Officers to the training of employees in order to comply with the Ordinance on Transport Licences.



Every pallet for itself! That is how we save pallets. Pallets are valuable. That is why we take special care with the exchanging of pallets and create your own pallet account....

You will always receive the same quantity of high-quality pallets in the exchange that we naturally bring back to their original location. If the pallets are no longer in top condition or if a return is no longer possible then we will reimburse you for the value of the pallets. We also keep a pallet account that provides a reliable record of all movements.


Local transport

For when you don't happen to have a vehicle sitting around for short trips. Do you need a carrier to transport goods within Hamburg or within the region? ...

We will handle both the pick-up as well a the delivery of your goods for transport, with an elevating platform when necessary, with the large or smaller vehicle that is just right for your transport.

We are on the road in the larger Hamburg area day in and day out: With a fleet of around 35 vehicles running around the clock we guarantee the highest degree of flexibility between Northern Germany and our destinations throughout all of France.


Export declarations

Studying atomic physics is a cakewalk in comparison to obtaining an export licence. Those who are not in the industry like to underestimate the complexity of formalities...

and then require a learning curve of around 3 to 4 years before they can realise their first successes. We, on the other hand, make it very easy for our customers: We handle the complex preparation of documents to obtain the export licence for you with our partners on location. Simply place the order with us and we will handle the transport from Northern Germany to France as well as the further transport of the goods overseas by ship. In complete comfort and without any risks.

The French state requires numerous documents from companies in the area of industry and trade when overseas transport is to be carried out departing from France. However, the corresponding documents for this may only be prepared by someone who has been licensed to do so by the 'état francais'. You've never done it before? Have fun!

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